Elenos 3500W ETG

Elenos 3500W ETG
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The turning point in the panorama of FM transmitters! Will convince you in every detail. Elenos was extremely proud to present this product, which represents the state of art in FM technology and it is the result of an unprecedented design commitment, aimed at the study and adoption of innovative technical solutions which will mark an important turning point in the world of FM transmitters over the next years. Resolute and uncompromising decision have led exciting results. ETG 3500 uses another exclusive ELENOS patented design: “Elenos-polygonal®” RF power combiner reduces the power loss by 50% respect the traditional combiners.


ETG3500 – Stereo/MPX:  Only with an Elenos will you find this much reliable power in this small space. No worry about fan failure with 6 cooling fans.  Extra cooling fans keep it running cool. Even if the fans stop – this intelligent transmitter will keep working! Comes with built-in exciter.  Composite MPX input plus stereo generator for discreet left /right audio input



This technology reduces Mosfet and heat-sink temperatures, improves efficiency and grants higher MTBF. The result is unmatched size, consumption and reliability.

ALWAYS ON AIR (Fully redundant):

The redundancy of this transmitter prevents "SINGLE-POINT-FAILURES" thanks to a "SOFT FAILURE DESIGN", and a protection system which keeps it "ON AIR" even in the most extreme working conditions.

IPC (Intelligent Power Control)

Another exclusive Elenos application. IPC maintains constant the output power within 2% of the setting value, regardless of fluctuations in incoming AC line voltage, RF drive or load conditions.

IPF (Intelligent Proportional Foldback)

IPF is an intelligent system that allows the transmitter to stay "ON AIR" into mismatched loads.


The transmitter keeps optimum performances of power and efficiency over the all broadband operation without needing of tuning. Useful as main transmitter or as reserve in "N+1" applications.


The Voltage Power Amplifier and the Bias voltage are both controlled to obtain maximum efficiency at any frequency and at any output rated power.


In Elenos transmitters, the IPA (Intermediate Power Amplifier) is avoided. This choice eliminates one of the bottlenecks in redundancy frequently present on transmitters of this category.


All parts, RF modules, electronic control boards, blowers, power supplies etc. are easy to replace.