Elenos 5000W ETG

Elenos 5000W ETG
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ETG5000 is the most advanced transmitter in the world market, in terms of electrical efficiency, compactness, lightness, ease of use, diagnostic, connectivity and wealth of operating data, protection strategies and optimization of performance, power supply flexibility.

Electrical Efficiency: The typical values of total efficiency, measured TO THE ELECTRICAL OUTLET vary from 70% to 72% across all the FM band. Means for transmitting at 5000W RF antenna, the ETG5000 need to consume power in electricity between 6944W and 7142 W. It means that in 24 hours at maximum power consumption it will settle between 166.66 kWh and 171.41 kWh. In this consumption are included: modulator, ventilationand RF power.

Compactness: the ETG5000 is only 4 units, and is 65 cm long from the front panel to the antenna connector, 70 cm including the handles on the front panel. In this space is all included. The cooling air is possible thanks to the very low value of dissipated power (equal to 2 kW on average).

Light weight: with its 45 kg, the ETG 5000 is the lightest in the world, with a power density equal to 111.1 W/kg. Easy handling, possibility of insertion in tight spaces. Ease of use: a full menu available on the front panel display allows the most novice user to access all the settings of the apparatus through a single control knob.

Diagnostics, connectivity, wealth of data: thanks to a huge data setting(all voltages, all the electricity for different MOSFETs, the temperatures for each power supply, the temperature of each MOSFET RF), the state of operation of the apparatus is comprehensively and accurately described. The operating status is easily viewed remotely with the ability to connect through SNMP, OMRON, Internet, SMS and Hyperterminal.

Protection strategies and performance optimization: ETG5000 is governed by the SW algorithms that optimize performance under all operating conditions, even extreme, to ensure continuity of service in respect of safety equipment. The protections are involved in a gradual manner allowing the transmitter to operate also in a fault conditions preventing propagation of the faults.

Flexible power supply: the ETG5000 has three independent switching power supply from "Heavy Duty" (the black box) that connects to a three-phase 400 VAC, for a single-phase to 230 VAC, for a three phase system without neutral to 210 VAC, 210 VAC to a two-phase network. The apparatus may continue to operate at reduced power, even in case of failure of a power supply (in case of failure of two of the three power supplies, the continuity of the service is no longer guaranteed even if possible in many




Output Nominal Power

5000W adjustable


Operating band

87.5 - 108 MHz



Yes. Connector DB9 female


Points of measure

RF Sample - MPX Monitor


Displayed Parameters

More than 50 parameters displayed on a wide graphic OLED



From the frontal panel through OLED/from PC


Number of MOSFETs in power amplifier stage

7 BLF578


RF power stage technology




The transmitter is provided with automatic switch-on at short interrupting of the main power supply (3 interrupts up to 1 second (in 5 seconds interval).


Dimensions: Rack units



Dimensions: W - H - D

48.5 - 17.6 - 70 cm



45 Kg


Number of power supplies



Number of cooling fans




RF Output connector



MPX Connector

BNC Female


LEFT & RIGHT Connectors

XLR Female


AES/EBU Connector

XLR Female


AUX Connectors

BNC Female


Monitor/19kHz Connector

BNC Female



Output impedance

50 Ω


Automatic power RF control

Stabilizes the output power value on the set value


Overall output power RF stability

+/-0,1 dB



2:1 on full power

automatic power reduction beyond 1.5:1

transmitter is protected for short and open circuit



< -75 dBc


Out of band emission (spurious)

< -80dBc



AES/EBU Input Resolution



AES/EBU Input Sample Rate

32,44.1,48,96 KHz Automatically selected


L/R Audio input level

+15/-10 dBm for 75KHz standard deviation


L/R level adjustment

Soft adjust 0.1dBm steps from front panel


L/R Input Impedance

Selectable 10K - 600 Ω, balanced (for analog)

110 Ω (for digital)


MPX audio input level

+15/-10 dBm for 75KHz standard deviation


MPX level adjustment

Soft adjust 0.1 dBm steps from front panel


MPX Input impedance

5KΩ selectable


SCA/RDS audio input level

0 dBm for 75KHz standard deviation


AES/EBU input level

-20 dBFS - -0 dBFS


PILOT Amplitude adjustment

Soft adjust 0.05% steps from front panel


PILOT Phase adjustment

Soft adjust 0.01 degree steps from front panel


PILOT tone frequency

19 KHz


PILOT tone deviation

Soft adjust +/- 7.5 KHz


PILOT tone frequency stability

+/-1 Hz


19KHz Output



Ext.ref 10MHz

Yes (option)


AES/EBU-Analog input automatic changeover




<0.03% @ 1KHz



0/25/50/75 microseconds selectable


Pre-emphasis tolerance

+/- 0.1 us



> = 72 dB weighted

> = 72 dB unweighted

@ fmod = 400 Hz, 75 kHz frequency deviation, peak value measurement, L/R/MONO channel


Asynchronous AM S/N unweighted

> 55dB


Synchronous AM S/N

> 50 dB


Modulation frequency range

30Hz to 15kHz


Amplitude-frequency characteristic

+/-0.1 dB (without pre-emphasis)

+/-0.1 dB (with pre-emphasis)

@ fmod = 400 Hz, 30 Hz to15 kHz, L/R/MONO channel