Elenos 5000W ET

Elenos 5000W ET
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Powers always higher in very compact size! ET5000, like all products made by Elenos, is characterized by the adoption of truly avant-gard technologies, achieving optimal performance, use of secured components, measure and control of over 100 parameters, possible use in extreme conditions and innovative design. If it’s true that ease use and maintenance are synonymous of reliability, fast and widespread assistance, low power consumption, durability, ease interface, make this product a total quality machine.



This technology reduces Mosfet and heat-sink temperatures, improves efficiency and grants higher MTBF. The result is unmatched size, consumption and reliability.

ALWAYS ON AIR (Fully redundant):

The redundancy of this transmitter prevents "SINGLE-POINT-FAILURES" thanks to a "SOFT FAILURE DESIGN", and a protection system which keeps it "ON AIR" even in the most extreme working conditions.

IPC (Intelligent Power Control)

Another exclusive Elenos application. IPC maintains constant the output power within 2% of the setting value, regardless of fluctuations in incoming AC line voltage, RF drive or load conditions.

IPF (Intelligent Proportional Foldback)

IPF is an intelligent system that allows the transmitter to stay "ON AIR" into mismatched loads.


The transmitter keeps optimum performances of power and efficiency over the all broadband operation without needing of tuning. Useful as main transmitter or as reserve in "N+1" applications.


The Voltage Power Amplifier and the Bias voltage are both controlled to obtain maximum efficiency at any frequency and at any output rated power.


In Elenos transmitters, the IPA (Intermediate Power Amplifier) is avoided. This choice eliminates one of the bottlenecks in redundancy frequently present on transmitters of this category.


All parts, RF modules, electronic control boards, blowers, power supplies etc. are easy to replace.


All alarms and events can be sent by SMS through a GSM modem. The industrial standard Hostlink protocol allows to safety handle huge quantity of information to perform remote deep diagnosis.


ELENOS is the FM manufacturer with one of the biggest distribution network of the world. Each distributor is chosen mainly by the technical support capability.



Exciter ETG101 (ET2000, ET3500) ETG151 (ET5000)
Amplifiers E2000 (ET2000) E3500 (ET3500) E5000 (ET5000)
Mounted in 19'' standard rack Yes
Output Nominal Power 2000W adjustable(ET2000) 3500W adjustable(ET3500) 5000W adjustable(ET5000)
Maximum peak power 2350W (ET2000) 3550W (ET3500) 5500W (ET5000)
Operating band 87.5 - 108 MHz
Output Low-pass Filter W.B. 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz
RS232/RS485 Yes
Points of measure RF Sample-MPX Monitor
Displayed Parameters More than 50 parameters displayed on a wide graphic LCD
Adjustments From the frontal panel trough LCD /from PC
Microprocessor controlled Yes
Power supply redundancy Yes
Number of MOSFETs 8 (ET2000) 12 (ET3500) 16 (ET5000)
RF power stage technology ICEFET & ECOSAVING
MOSFET type BLF278 Philips
Number of power supplies 2 (ET2000) 3 (ET3500) 3 (ET5000)
Dimensions: Rack units 4+3 U
Dimensions: W - H - D 48.5 - 31.1 - 70 cm
Weight 40+15 kg (ET2000) 44+15 kg (ET3500) 45+15 kg (ET5000)
Nr. cooling fans iamplifiers 5 (E2000) 6 (E3500) 6 (E5000)
Nr. cooling fans exciter 1
Power supply 110, 220, 380 3phase-1phase 50-60Hz VAC (ET2000) - 220/380 3-phase-1phase Version 50-60Hz VAC (ET3500, ET5000)
Power consumption 3KW (ET2000) - 5,2KW (ET3500) - 7,5KW (ET5000)
Overall Efficiency 65&#xTy;p (ET2000, ET3500) - 70&#xTy;p (ET5000)
Temperature range (operating) 0 - +45 °C
Temperature range (non operating) -20 - +50 °C
Humidity range (operating) 95% a 40 °C
Humidity range (non operating) 90% a 65 °C
Altitude range (operating) <4600 meters
Altitude range (non operating) <15000 meters