G-LITE FM-4000W Stereo

G-LITE FM-4000W Stereo
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Pemancar FM-4000W memiliki Stereo Coder yang baik dimana suara yang dihasilkan/di ON AIR kan terdengar lebih lebar (Stereo), audio yang ditransmisikan tidak mengalami penurunan kualitas, sehingga LOW, MID dan HIGH Frequency Audio terdengar lebih jelas.

Pemancar FM-4000W ini dilengkapi Sistem Proteksi Fast RF Anti Konslet, Demo unit barang terdapat pada showroom kami dimana saat boster running 4000 watt, output antenna bisa di konslet, fast response reflect power feature, 100% mematikan booster dengan sangat cepat, membuat booster aman dan sewaktu power 4000 watt running, antenna bisa dicopot, dimana membuktikan Pemancar FM ini memiliki sistem proteksi yang sangat baik sehingga kemungkinan pemancar mengalami kerusakan persentasinya sangat kecil sekali.


The G-LITE TECHNOLOGY FM-4000W system is ultra compact size, extremely high efficiency, fully solid state FM transmitter of 4000W rated power. With advanced self protection and full digital front panel control features, With advanced self protection and full digital front panel control features, advanced FM transmitting Technology.

Our new Transmitter FM-4000W is a state of the art 4000W FM transmitter offers excellent performance while keeping cost effective and easy of use.

FM-1000W is using 4000 Watt Mosfet system, that only running for 3200 Watt after Low Pass Filter, Continuous power for 24 hours operation.


- Integrated display page for all transmit parameter

- Full protection for malfunction like Reflected power and over temperature.

- Health Monitoring and protection of individual PA module and Power Supply module

- Simplified control from front panel

- Resistant and Protection from Open and Short RF Output

- Telemetry by internet access ( Optional )

- 2 Years Warranty Service and 1 Year Warranty Spare Part ( Term and Condition applied )

-Certificate A Postel



-MOSFET BLF178 Technology Amplifier
-Band Frequency 87.5 - 108 MHz
-Power Output : 4000 WATT
-High Efficiency Power Consumption
-FAST RF Protection (short protect)
-Fully digital front panel controls
-Easy operation with gain control
-Force AIR cooling
-Temperature compensated BIAS
-Lightweight / compact size


- Frequency Range : 87,5 - 108 Mhz

- RFPower : 1000 Watt

- PA Board Efficiency 70%

- PSU Efficiency : 90%

- VSWR Protection :2:1

- Harmonic Output : <70 dbc

- Dimension : Standard 19”

- Proteksi Over Drive over 1,750 Watt

- Proteksi Reflect over 100 Watt ( Digital )

- Proteksi Fast response Reflect over 100 Watt ( analog )

- Proteksi Fast Response Input Power over 4,5 Watt ( analog )

- Proteksi SWR digital measurement > 1,7 ( Digital )

- Proteksi Temperature Heatsink 65 derajat ( Digital )

- Proteksi Pallet PCB over 65 Derajat ( Digital )

- Proteksi Base plate pallet over 60 Derajat ( analog )

- Proteksi Over voltage Power supply > 52 Volts ( Digital )