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Lebih Lengkap Mengenai BW DSPXmini-FM


A low cost but high performance FM audio processor - that will improve your sound, make you louder and clearer and leave money in the bank for that well deserved vacation.

For stations on a tight budget, no FM processor is better value than the BW Broadcast DSPXmini-FM.
The DSPXmini-FM has a four-band gated AGC and a four-band, program-dependent limiter built upon the processing core it shares with other models in the DSPX FM range. Parametric bass enhancement, distortion-controlled clipping and composite clipping with pilot protection further contribute to keeping your station’s sound consistently loud and artefact free. The DSPXmini-FM gives you a competitive edge—and builds listenership and revenue—by enabling you to achieve the tailored sound and loudness needed to make your station distinctive.
BW Broadcast’s proven presets, as well as intuitive local and remote interfaces help you get your DSPXmini-FM on air fast. Whether you are a processing novice or expert, you’ll easily achieve a signature sound for your station’s format. And as you have come to expect from BW Broadcast, the compact DSPXmini-FM is designed for unsurpassed reliability and trouble-free operation in the world’s most challenging installations.
As with all BW Broadcast FM processors, the DSPXmini-FM has BW Broadcasts’ world-class stereo encoder, a real-time clock for preset scheduling, preset A/B switching, graphic LCD display, serial and TCP/IP remote control interfaces, and both analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs.
The BW Broadcast DSPX Series presents a carefully developed series of processors, with a version designed to exactly meet your needs and budget. For additional processing power, greater loudness and dual-path design to manage both analogue and digital broadcast chains from a single unit consider the BW Broadcast DSPX-FM, the top-notch DSPXtra-FM or the DSPXtreme-FM, the ultimate broadcast processor.
Custom processing at off-the-shelf prices, the DSPX Series offers exceptional value in listener-building processing power.

  • Analogue and Digital (AES/EBU) Inputs
  • 4-Band Gated AGC
  • 4-Band Limiting
  • Distortion Cancelled Clipping
  • Pilot protection filter
  • High Performance DSP Stereo Encoder With Composite Clipping Control
  • RS232 and TCP/IP Net Interfaces for Remote Control
  • Real Time Clock for Preset Scheduling
  • Preset Trigger Port
  • Full Range of User Presets with A/B Switching Security (password) Control
  • Software ‘FLASH’ Upgradable
  • Pilot protection filter

    Nom. input level -12 to +12dBu
    Max input level +24dBu
    Connectors XLR floating,EMI suppressed
    A/D conversion 24 bit 48 Khz 128x oversampled
    Sampling rate 32-96 KHz
    Connector XLR floating,EMI suppressed
    Output level 0 to +12dBu
    Connector BNC, floating
    D/A 24 bit 768 KHz
    Stereo seperation >70dB (typ. > 75dB)
    Sca input BNC floating
    Pilot output BNC, 5V
    RS232 DB9
    NET/LAN RJ45 EMI shielded
    Power 85-265 VAC 50-60Hz
    Size 44mm x 482mm x 200mm
    Weight 1.6 Kg