Omnia One FM

Omnia One FM
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Omnia ONE FM boasts powerful hardware, firmware and processing algorithms to handle the demands of both traditional and digital broadcasting. This FM Processor is all-inclusive, with a built-in digital stereo generator.

You need a lot of flexibility in an audio processor because transmission systems exist in many different forms. The processor you choose must have the tools to meet those needs. Special firmware inside the Omnia ONE allows it to handle every challenge, now and into the future. And there's plenty of power inside its 1RU frame!

Omnia ONE isn't dedicated to a sole application. It can be used in the studio, for transmission, and even in networked applications, thanks to its Livewire™ interface. You can modify it whenever you need to through a simple easy download! Processing functions like AGC, limiting, audio enhancements, stereo generation and codec pre-conditioning are already in place for immediate action, but as signal processing advancements occur, Omnia ONE will go along for the ride through the flexibility of its platform.

The Omnia ONE is completely, 100% time-aligned. This means that all audio signals, no matter what frequency, have the exact same propagation time from Input to Output of the Omnia audio processor. Omnia processors sound more precise and less “smeary” due to this attention to time-alignment.

In the Omnia ONE, the necessary FM pre-emphasis is applied after the multi-band limiting. This technique requires difficult attention to both the limiting and clipping algorithms. However, the audible result is a cleaner, much more detailed high-end in the transmitted audio. This advantage of Omnia processing architecture is most easily noticed on musical instruments such as cymbals, castanets, trumpets, and other sounds with a lot of high-frequency energy. They sound very real and natural through an Omnia audio processor

In any FM audio processor, the final audio clipper presents the largest hindrance or benefit to the loudness and clarity of the on-air sound for a given modulation level. The FM clipper section in the Omnia ONE, originally available only in big brother Omnia-6, includes two distinct sections: a bass-management clipper and a main clipper. The bass clipper is quite sophisticated in its own right, but the main clipper offers two different clipping styles and the ability to balance between them, if desired. This flexibility gives the curious or competitive user the ability to finely tune this most important function.

Omnia Omnia ONE FM Features:
• Wide-band AGC for smooth, “hand on the pot” gain riding
• 4-Band AGC to add dynamic EQ enhancement for consistency and to build density before the limiter stages
• 5-Band peak limiter using feedback limiters for the lower two bands (optimized for bass punch and lower mid-range warmth) and feed-forward limiters for the upper two bands (optimized for sparkling upper mids and highs)
• Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossover
• Selectable phase rotator
• Advanced, fully distortion-controlled pre-emphasized final limiter / clipper
• Integrated digital stereo generator with advanced peak control, two composite MPX outputs, SCA input and 19kHz output
• Choose software downloads for FM, AM, internet/satellite or studio processing on demand if necessary
• Balanced XLR Analog inputs and outputs, plus Digital AES/EBU input, output and external Sync
• Browser-based remote control and configuration
• Automatic backup input switching
• Livewire / Ethernet RJ45 jack
• Universal Power Input
• Robust headphone amp with rugged jack and front panel volume control
• Single Jog-Wheel and Selection Button user interface with LED level metering and LCD screen
• Dimensions: 19" wide x 1.7" high x 12" deep (unit requires one EIA rack space for mounting)
• Weight: 6 lb