AEQ Phoenix Mobile

AEQ Phoenix Mobile
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The AEQ Phoenix Mobile is a powerful IP audio codec system and a versatile communications platform combined in a small, lightweight, portable unit providing complete mobility while doing remotes. It features a crystal clear color display, easy navigation keys, intuitive setup, digital mixer, multiple analog inputs, hinged protective cover, 12 VDC power supply/charger, and optional long life LI-ION battery. Phoenix Mobile easily and reliably gets your remote audio back to the studio via any IP connection - right out of the box. And, to help simplify IP connections, AEQ offers its customers SIP server services at no additional cost.

Phoenix Mobile provides even more diverse connectivity using one or two optional communication modules. They can be used in conjunction with the on-board IP. PSTN (POTS) and ISDN (RDSI) TELCO modules are available now, with Wi-Fi, and others coming soon according future needs of the market.

Phoenix Mobile allows users to establish cellular data connections over 3G or GSM via its USB connector on the rear panel. It allows your data-ready cell phone as a gateway. Phoenix Mobile can simultaneously provide Coordination / Talk-Back from the studio to the remote (utilizing the optional communications modules) in addition to the remote-to-studio Main Program. Phoenix Mobile includes a wide variety of audio encoding formats, which ensures maximum interoperability with AEQ's present and future equipment, as well as that of other manufacturers.

• Multifunction display screen and navigation keys
• Alphanumeric keypad
• Function and routing keys and communication status LEDs
• Input channel mixing controls, headphone volume control and channel activation keys
• Balanced XLR I/O
• Two 1/4" TRS headphone outputs
• Ethernet connectivity