Axel Macrotel X2

Axel Macrotel X2
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MACROTEL X1 and MACROTEL X2 are Axel Technology's Telephone hybrid third generation for a supreme audio quality.

MACROTEL X1 manages one POTS/PSTN line while MACROTEL X2 can operate on two POTS/PSTN lines.

Moreover, in every landline it is available a switching "land-to-wireless mode" through one or two optional Quad Band GSM module so to establish telephone connection where wired lines are not foreseen.

MACROTEL X1 and MACROTEL X2's telephone interface perfectly suits every phone line all over the world.
Via software the user sets the country's operation.



- Digital Telephone hybrid based on DSP audio process
- 1 or 2 land/wireless lines managed via pots or GSM Quad Band
- Audio controls: AGC Stage, Attenuator, Echo canceller, 2Band EQ
- Integrated DTMF dialer via software with auto-answer and disconnection
- Separate send and receive over balanced XLR with Mic/Line software selection
- 2 Rs232 serial ports, 1 USB B-type, GPIO for Telco N-1 mixing console