Data Video SE-900

Data Video SE-900
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Datavideo SE-900 is a modular 8-channel SD switcher with a feature set that may be expanded with additional input cards and accessories. The two piece unit consists of a 19-inch rack mountable main frame, that holds up to 8 input cards, and a control panel. The modular switcher accepts a mix of 8 SD input of your choice including DV, SDI, YUV and Composite Video. Standard outputs include DV,  YUV, S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video.

SE-900 features a built in frame synchroniser and TBC for each channel for flicker free switching between all 8 inputs - in any format.

The preview output includes both next source and next effect, enabling the producer to preview any effects in confidence before "going live" SE-900 features a down stream keyer for easy integration with character generator software such as Datavideo CG-100.

The SE-900 can connect / control the DN-200 (using the included GPI cable).

To accommodate for any delay in DV or SDI equipment SE-900 includes an audio delay function as well as a DV/SDI audio embedder.



  • Up to 8 inputs available for any format including SDI, DV, YUV,
  • Composite Video
  • Outputs include SDI, DV, YUV, S-Video (Y/C) & Composite Video
  • Multi image preview panel allows the producer to monitor all live sources
    (up to 8 input) as well as Program & Next source
  • Easy adjustable audio delay for perfect video/audio sync with DV & SDI sources
  • SDI Audio embedder
  • Audio input & output includes RCA (phono) and balanced audio via XLR
  • Optional dual chromakeyer, where each keyer can accept two foreground inputs and two background inputs.
  • Picture in Picture
  • Tally output
  • GPI & RS-232 control interface for integration with existing equipment (GPI Cable included)
  • SDI Graphics overlay interface for optimal quality of character generator software such as Datavideo CG-100.
  • No genlock is required - for flicker free switching
Input / Output Cards (optional)
  • DV Input Board (With audio de-embedding)
  • CV/SV/YUV Input Board
  • SDI Input Board (With audio de-embedding)
  • 4 Channel Chromakey Board (from any input)
  • SDI Output Board
  • DVI Input Board