Power & SWR meter Daiwa

Power & SWR meter Daiwa
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Daiwa CN 801HP Quality Power/SWR meter covers 1.8-200Mhz

A professional grade Cross Needle SWR and Power meter that also measures P.E.P. ( Peak Envelope Power ) for SSB operation. An extra large meter allows accurate readings of forward & reverse power, with SWR read at the dual dual meter crossover point. This is the latest version of this meter and has switchable illumination.



-Frequency 1.8~200MHz
-Power range 20/200/2kw
-Tolerance +/-10%(at FULL SCALE)
-SWR measurement 1:1~1:8
-SWR detection sensitivity 5W
-Impedance 50Ohms
-Connectors SO-239
-DC Power supply DC 13.8V(70mA)
-Dimensions 157(W)x112(H)x116(D)mm
-Weight 1kg