CINEGY Air Pro / Solo


  • Output in SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K)
  • Run up to 16 channels in a box or virtual machine
  • Control multiple channels over network
  • Mix different codecs and resolutions in one playlist
  • Output to SDI, NDI and IP in SD, HD and UHD simultaneously
  • Stream to network in MPEG-2, H.264 or HEVC
  • SRT support for incoming and outgoing streams
  • Automate commercials opt-out via SCTE 35 and SCTE-104
  • Switch to incoming SDI, NDI and RTP feeds
  • Play while ingest
  • Real-time automatic up/downscale

Cinegy Air PRO is the logical next step in the evolution of broadcast automation and video servers. Gone are the monolithic black boxes, replaced by TCP/IP network-attached real-time service appliances. Cinegy Air PRO provides a broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video server for SD, HD and/or Ultra HD (4K) playout, in an integrated software suite. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, Cinegy Air PRO effortlessly succeeds where so many others fail. Cinegy Air PRO can be used to control multiple channels playing to air or to plan schedules, program and commercial blocks offline. Multiple remote or local users can control the schedule and playout operation. Cinegy Air PRO offers unparalleled flexibility by playing mixed format and mixed resolution content, as well as un-rendered edit sequences straight to air. Insert a logo or overlay from the same central automation panel, and control external devices with powerful, configurable secondary events. Simulcast output via SDI, NDI and/or IP streams for ATSC/DVB or web usage. SRT support for secure delivery and reception over WAN and Internet.

Flexible and Scalable

Cinegy Air PRO provides a software-based system for SD, HD and/or Ultra HD (4K) playout automation using standard IT server hardware and certified SDI video cards. It performs video layout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video “printer” offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air PRO broadcast automation software connects to the playout service and instructs it what to “print” to air and when.

The Cinegy Air PRO product consists of two elements: a control panel and a playout engine. Cinegy Air PRO control panel provides a state-of-the-art interface for controlling one or more playout channels connected via TCP/IP. Cinegy Air PRO playout engine executes the playlist provided to it and renders video and audio to air. It also sends real-time video stream feedback to the control panel interface, eliminating the need for video monitors as well as SDI cabling and routing.


Cinegy Air PRO supports multi-channel playout, including simultaneous playout of several playout channels which can be controlled by a single Cinegy Air PRO control application. Multiple instances of Cinegy Air PRO playout can run on one powerful machine transforming it into a playout server broadcasting multiple independent channels. Cinegy Air PRO playout channels can also be set up to stream programs live without requiring additional hardware or software.


Cinegy Air PRO can be easily turned into a cart wall / trick mode playout for news, sports, reality show and other live operations. A/B roll, chain, slow-motion, loop and bounce playback is all supported and can be controlled with the Cinegy Studio PRO software control panel, via RS-422 compatible devices using 9-pin protocol or even GPI triggers. In a live news production environment, Cinegy Studio PRO can be connected to a Cinegy Archive integrated newsroom solution and used to control up to 4 independent playout engines along with Cinegy Titler graphics and Cinegy Prompter teleprompting software. Cinegy Studio PRO can be integrated into a 3rd party MOS-based newsroom solution such as ENPS, Avid iNews, Octopus or Annova Systems, so it will automatically download the rundowns via the Cinegy MOS Gateway tool.

High Availability

Cinegy Air PRO upholds a high level of fault-tolerance and high-availability, while providing all the advantages of centralized storage. Playlists for individual channels are stored locally in the corresponding playout server in XML format while a background service is caching and conforming the video material on the playlist. Cinegy Air PRO playout engine only plays media direct and uncached from the central storage when it is added in a few seconds before going to air. For each Cinegy Air PRO channel one or more slave channels can be defined, all of which will play frame accurately the same media as the master, ensuring reliable failover if ever needed.

Cloud Compatible

Running Cinegy Air PRO playout in a VM has many advantages including better hardware utilization, instant deployment of additional channels, much easier migration and inexpensive high-availability clustering. As SDI cards cannot be virtualized but may still be needed and where they cannot be replaced by RTP or UDP streams via IP, the SDI I/O is done via Cinegy Encode, which performs RTP to SDI conversion and vice versa.

Traffic and MAM Integration

Cinegy Air PRO can work completely stand-alone or in concert with media asset management, archiving and traffic solutions. Cinegy’s MAM solution, Cinegy Archive can be fully integrated with Cinegy Air PRO, as well as a number of leading 3rd party traffic solutions. Media, metadata, placeholders and graphics elements will seamlessly migrate into the Cinegy Air PRO playout schedule from Cinegy Archive or a 3rd party traffic system.


Supported TV formats:
  • Ultra High Definition up to 60fps
  • High Definition 1080i, 720p
  • Standard Definition PAL and NTSC
Support for NDI input and ouput up to UHD
SRT support for input/output streams
Supported codecs and file formats:
  • DV and DVCPO
  • HDV
  • IMX
  • XDCAM HD 422
  • Avid DNxHD (optional)
  • Apple ProRes 422
  • MPEG-2 Long-GOP
  • MPEG-2 (up to 1080i 4:2:2)
  • AVC-Intra
  • H.264
  • XAVC
  • MXF OP1a
  • MXF AS-03/11
  • Windows AVI
  • QuickTime MOV
  • Windows Media
  • JPEG, PNG and BMP Images
Supported SDI I/O boards:
  • AJA Kona LHe Plus, AJA Kona LHi, Corvid series
  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink series and Intensity PRO
  • Deltacast DELTA-hd and DELTA-3G series
  • Rohde Schwarz DVS Atomix LT
Control for external device and services:
  • Cinegy Route (IP signal management)
  • Cinegy HTTP Data Repeater Event plugin
  • Common GPI/O Device
  • BlackMagicDesign Videohub SDI router
  • Evertz SDI router
  • Guramex SDI router
  • Imagine / Harris SDI router
  • Kramer SDI router
  • NVISION SDI router
  • Utah Scientific SDI router
  • VikinX SDI router
  • Cavena subtitling control
  • Screen subtitling control (available via Screen)
Cinegy Emergency Alert System (EAS) gateway supported devices:
  • TFT 911
  • SAGE ENDEC 3644