TRANSCAST High Pemancar TV Digital DVB-T2


• Built-In AGC
• Embedded monitoring:
  SNR, shoulder, power levels
• ASI inputs redundancy
• 470 - 862 MHz (UHF)
• Redundant Dual Exciter DVB-T2
  with Changeover Switch (OPTIONAL)
• Dual Cast Analog & Digital DVB-T2
• PA Section 33% Efficiency
• Fully digital front panel controls
• Force AIR cooling system
• Lightweight / compact size
• Fully Controller Power Amplifier
• Channel Bandwidth: 5, 6, & 8 MHz
• Linear & non-linear correction
• Smart Power Bank (OPTIONAL)
• Smart Power Supply (OPTIONAL)
• Smart Modul RF PA (OPTIONAL)

Dualcast Transmitter is a very innovative and unique solution especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturers’ demand for integrating a high-end and cost-effective modulator/exciter within their own transmitter design.

Dualcast Transmitter comes as the ideal choice for any Transmitter manufacturers’ who are willing to hit new market opportunities with limited investment and in a very short-time period. It features several key functionalities such as built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC), embedded monitoring (SNR, Shoulder levels, forwarded & reflected power levels) as well as comprehensive to integration process and to drive the Power Amplifier stage in the most efficient way.

Transmitter Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits, permits to run transmitters very closed to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in transmitter Power Efficiency.

World-wide leading and proven DVB-T2 technology
Dualcast Transmitter inherits from the world-wide leading DVB-T2 technology in use in most of the DVB-T2 commercial networks today in operation. DVB-T2 modulation core brings unmatched standard usage flexibility supporting MFN System A, SFN System B, SISO/MISO, Multi-PLP layered modulation and hybrid T2-Base & T2-Lite simultaneous transmission.


-Type / Model                             Dualcast DVB-T2 & Analog PAL
-Number of Exciter                     1 x Dualcast Exciter with redundant configuration
-Input Proccess                          Input Mode A (Single PLP), B (Multiple PLP, T2-MI)
-DVB-T2 Bandwidth                    8 MHz
-Data Rate                                  3 - 50,3 Mbit/second
-Standart Video (Analog)             PAL B/G, PAL G
-Standart Audio (Analog)             NICAM Stereo Ready, Dual Mono, and Mono        
‘-ASI Stream Interface                 2 x ASI input BNC connectors - 75 Ω
-Monitoring                                  SNR, left & right shoulders, forwarded & reflected
-Clock and Synchronization        10 MHz & 1 PPS input/output
-Digital Adaptive Precorrection     Linear DAP: Amplitude ±3 dB, Delay 0 to 3Μs


-Analog RF Power Output            5000 Wps, 10000 Wps, 20000 Wps
-Digital DVB-T2 Power Output      1250 Wrms, 2500 Wrms, 5000 Wrms
-Number of Amplifier                    New Modul PA with LDMOS Transistor BLF888A
-Output RF Connector                  Flange 1 5/8" or Flange 3 1/8"
-Frequency Response                  ≤ +/- 0.5dB ( 20Hz to 4.8MHz)
-Differential Gain                          < 5%
-Differential Phase                        < 3°
-Group Delay                               < 40ns
-Humidity                                      90% condensation maximum
-Power Supply                             Switching Power Supply 190 to 260 VAC (50/60Hz)