Frequency 470-860 MHz
Maximum Input : 2000 W ( 4 Panel )
Gain : 12dBi ( for 1 Panel Antenna )
Directional Pattern Antenna
High Power Antenna System
Customize for 4 Panel, 8 Panel
16 Panel, 32 Panel, 48 Panel, etc

Included Power Divider & Jumper

The UHF Antenna is a broadband UHF panel (covers bands IV and V with no adjustments) of horizontal polarization, and it is also designed to transmit digital TV, multiple carriers and high-definition TV services. The UH Antenna panel manufactured by GLITE is composed of two double dipoles and a stainless steel reflector protected with a polyester and fibreglass radome, so it is very easy to install and requires little maintenance. It Includes ground protection against electric shock.



Frequency Range        470 - 860 MHz
Gain                             12dBi ( for 1 Panel Antenna )
Impedance                    50 Ohm
Connector                     7/16" or 7/8” EIA Flange
Maximum Input Power  2000 Watt ( for 4 Panel )
VSWR                          < 1.1
Return Loss                  33.56dB
Polarization                   Horizontal
Dimmensions                980 x 475 x 210 mm
Weight                          8kg/panel
Maximum Wind Speed  220km/h
Materials                       Stainless Steel & Fiberglass
Colour                           Orange & Red
Temperature Range      -30 to 70°    C
Humidity                       100%