Glensound Expedition 4G Telereport Radio

The Expedition is a portable 2 channel, digital Broadcasters’ Phone with 7kHz HD Voice audio.  It is used for live news and sport reporting or talkback situations.  HD Voice is available on compatible 4G LTE and 3G UMTS networks.  Narrowband calls are also available on 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE networks.

Multiple Networks
A 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE mobile phone with features specifically for broadcast.

High Quality Audio
The HD Voice system allows 7kHz mobile calls on compatible mobile networks using 3G UMTS or 4G LTE networks.

Two Inputs
There are independent, duplicated controls for both inputs. The illuminated on air button can be configured as latching, momentary or intelligent. There is a small gain control for setting input level.

Two Headphone Outputs
There are two x 6.35mm headphone sockets with a level adjust.

Powering Option
Battery power is available from 6 x AA batteries. There is also an external DC input from 10 - 15V.

Auto Answer
The Expedition can be set to answer incoming calls automatically.

Output Compressor
An output compressor prevents any peak in the audio being sent onto the HD Voice network. HD Voice is very sensitive to peaks and the output compressor improves the quality of the audio received at the remote end.

Glensound ‘Referee’ Input Compressor
Glensound’s Referee compressor has been specially designed and updated over many years, specifically to cope with the excessive peaks often associated with excited sports commentators.

Background Noise Suppressor
HD Voice features a background noise suppressor that greatly removes unwanted background noise.

Direct Line Output
A 3 pin XLR plug provides a clean output of the remote end of the call, with it’s own adjustable level control. This makes the Expedition a portable digital hybrid for a mobile telephone.

  • 4G LTE, 3G UMTS, and 2G GSM Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone

  • Two mic/48v/line inputs with independent adjustable gain

  • Configurable on/off buttons on the inputs

  • Two 6.35mm headphone outputs

  • Backlit screen

  • Diversity aerials

  • Configurable auto answer

  • Selectable output compressor

  • Selectable background noise suppressor

  • Micro SIM card

  • Battery powered via 6 X AA batteries

  • External DC power input

Glensound Expedition 4G Telereport Radio

Glensound Expedition 4G Telereport Radio

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Glensound GS-MPI004 HD Telereport Radio

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