RYMSA UHF Antenna TV Panel B.IV-V

RYMSA Antenna Panel is a broadband UHF panel that works in Band IV and V (no adjustment is necessary). It can be used as individual unit (up to 2kW) or some units can be grouped in order to obtain a more powerful antenna system.

In this case, a power divider is required, and all the interconnection coaxial cables must have the same length in order to obtain in-phase contributions. Telmec Antenna Panel is designed to transmit Digital TV (DVB-T2), many carriers and High-Definition TV services.

It is made up of 2 double dipoles and a reflector made of stainless steel, and all the components are protected with a radome made of polyester and fiberglass. It has horizontal polarization and DC-ground lightning protection. It is a low-maintenance panel really easy to install.

RYMSA UHF Antenna TV Panel B.IV-V

RYMSA UHF Antenna TV Panel B.IV-V


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