• Super-Slim, Sleek Design “World’s Thinnest, Lightest Recorder”
  • Uncompressed Linear PCM Stereo and MP3 Stereo Recording Modes
  • Touch Sensor Panel Controls
  • 2GB micro-SD Card Included
  • Micro SD/SDHC Card Slot (accepts up to 8GB)
  • Built-in High Performance Stereo Microphones
  • Removable Li-ion Battery Pack with Direct Battery Recharging (no need to replace batteries)
  • Built-in FM Tuner with 20 Station Presets
  • Large Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Scene Select Recording Mode (3 scenes)
  • Mic and Line Level Recording Modes
  • USB 2.0 Cable Connection (Micro USB)
  • Microphone Sensitivity (High / Mid /Low / Manual)
  • 50% to 200% Playback Speed Control of MP3 files
  • Remaining Record Time Indicator
  • WMA and MP3 Data Playback
  • Seamless Integration with Digital Audio Editors
  • Up to 40Hr Use with Internal Li-Ion Battery

Super-Slim, Sleek Design “World’s Thinnest, Lightest Portable PCM Recorder”

The SANYO Xacti ICR-XPS01M linear PCM digital sound recorder offers pristine, uncompressed linear PCM stereo recording performance in a very sleek, compact, touch-panel design. It is believed to be the thinnest (0.37 inches or 9.4mm) and lightest (1.623 oz. or 46g) portable PCM sound recorder in the world today. Ideal for any musical recording application, the ICR-XPS01M is well suited for musicians who wish to record live performances, rehearsals, music lessons and professional recording sessions. The ICR-XPS01M is the ultimate pocket studio recorder for capturing high quality recordings anytime, anywhere!

Uncompressed Linear PCM Stereo and MP3 Stereo Recording Modes

The ICR-XPS01M offers two recording formats: 1) Linear PCM, format, which records original sound without compression, and 2) the highly versatile MP3 format. Linear PCM recording records at 44.1kHz, 16 bit sampling rate enabling sound reproduction up to a maximum of 21KHz). MP3 recording captures high sound quality of 44.1kHz, 320k bit sampling which enables sound reproduction up to a maximum of 20KHz.

Touch Sensor Panel Controls on a Large Full Dot Matrix LCD Display

SANYO Xacti ICR-XPS01M features a unique, touch sensor panel for transport control functions (Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind), Menu and Mode functions. The unit features a large, full dot matrix LCD display which can be operated with backlight on or off for additional power savings.
2GB Micro SD/SDHC Card Included (accepts up to 8GB)

A 2GB microSD card is included with the Xacti Sound Recorder. You can easily expand the capacity by inserting up to an 8GB microSD/microSDHC card, allowing you to enjoy hours of high quality PCM recording without constraints.

High-Sensitivity, High Performance, Low-Noise PCM Stereo Microphones

The use of high-sensitivity microphones and large-apertures deliver a pristine, clear sound. The microphones capture sound from a 360 degree angle in a very balanced, uniform manner. Noise levels are greatly reduced when compared to conventional designs. The stereo microphone recordings provide a very accurate representation of relative positioning.

Recording input level adjustments allow you to switch between Manual (ALC OFF) and Auto (ALC ON) modes. Manual mode allows you to fine tune the volume in increments from 0 to 60 using a recording level meter and Peak lamp. The microphone is ideal for recording music with high and low-pitched sounds. The use of a recording peak limiter ensures reliable recording by suppressing distortion from abrupt, loud, transient sounds. A clear voice function reduces low and high frequency noise, making it easier for you to listen to the principal audio section.

Scene Select Recording Modes for Easy Recording

Presets recording settings (Scene Select) are used for setting the appropriate recording mode. There are three microphone recording scenes and three line-level recording (dubbing) scenes.

Dictation: Suitable for up close recording, such as interviews and voice memos.
Meeting/Lecture: Reliable recording of meetings and lectures by increasing microphone sensitivity.
Music: Detailed recording that captures musical intonation by manual adjustment of recording level.
Headphone: Optimum setting for dubbing recording, by connecting to the headphones socket with an audio cable.
Portable: Optimum setting for dubbing recording, by connecting to the line-out terminal of a portable CD player with an audio cable.
Component: Optimum setting for dubbing recording, by connecting to the line-out terminal of a component stereo system with an audio cable.


Additional record modes can be adjusted in order to properly set the ICR-XPS01M. The built-in recording peak limiter allows you to minimize sound distortions during recording when the volume suddenly increases. An equalizer allows you to adjust the recording input level for each frequency band. You can select between seven preset levels and User which allows you to modify the input level of five frequency bands. The low cut filter allows you to record sound clearly by attenuating low frequency sounds at 300Hz or below. This is useful for reducing background sounds from wind noise outside or from air conditioners in a home studio.

Playback Speed Control
The playback speed can be adjusted to 21 levels between 50% and 200% speed. You can listen to recordings played back slowly or quickly without affecting the pitch of the sound. This feature allows you to quickly check the contents of a long recording to assist in transcribing music passages or complete songs more easily. You can also skip through a file during playback at preset intervals; 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min and 15 min.

Music Player with Built-in FM Tuner with 20 Station Presets
The sound recorder supports WMA and MP3 file formats making it a portable music player.Its built-in FM radio tuner receives and can records FM radio broadcasts for up to 24 hours. It allows up to 20 station presets to be stored.

Integration with Digital Audio and Video Applications

The SANYO Xacti ICR-XPS01M linear PCM digital sound recorder offers very high quality PCM audio quality and performance in the smallest dimensions possible. Ideal for any recording application, the sound recorder has been demonstrated to be well suited for use with music production/editing software applications such as Garage Band, Logic Studio, Logic Express and Pro Tools *. Raw PCM files can be directly imported into these applications without any need for data or file conversion. When used in conjunction with SANYO’s iFrame-compatible Dual Cameras, the ICR-XPS01M provides a seamless way of bringing PCM quality audio tracks into a video editing session. The combination allows for much faster importing, editing, and sharing your movies across multiple platforms and devices.
* Garage Band, Logic Studio, Logic Express and Pro Tools are trademarks of their respective companies.

Removable Li-ion Battery Pack with Direct Battery Recharging
The ICR-XP01M features a high capacity SANYO Lithium-Ion battery which provides up to 40 hours of use. The battery can be recharged using the supplied USB cable.


Dimensions 1.5" x 3.8" x 0.4"
Approx. 0.10 lbs. (including lithium-ion battery)
Recording Medium microSD card/microSDHC card (supplied with 2GB microSD card)
Rated Output (JEITA/DC) Headphones: 1.8mW + 1.8mW (when 16Ω load)
Speakers: 120mW
Recording Format Linear PCM (WAV), MP3
Playback format Linear PCM (WAV), MP3, WMA (PDDRM compatible)
Playback Bit Rate MP3: 16 to 320kbps
WMA: 32 to 192kbps (PDDRM compatible)
Number of Folders/Files Microphone recording: 4 folders (A,B,C,D)/199 files in each folder
Line recording: LINE folder/199 files
Music playback: MUSIC folder/199 files in each folder
Radio Reception Frequency FM: 87.5 to 108MHz
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery, AC power supply (USB or dedicated I/O socket)
Charging Time Approx. 150 minutes
Sockets Stereo headphones socket (φ3.5mm)
Stereo microphone input socket (also used for line input, φ3.5mm)
microUSB (Hi-Speed USB, mass storage compatible)
microSD card slot
Dedicated I/O socket
LCD Dot matrix
Accessories microSD card (2GB)
Lithium-ion battery pack
Inner ear stereo earphones (φ 3.5mm)
microUSB connection cable 
PC Operating Environment Compatible PCs: PC with Windows Installed
Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7
USB Terminal: One available for connection with the unit 

Only the WAV files recorded by the IC recorder. You may not be able to play back VBR (variable bit rate) files that have an incompatible bit rate. The IC recorder can recognize up to two levels of subfolders within the MUSIC folder. It can recognize a maximum of 199 files (folders) in each folder, including the MUSIC folder.



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