Wireless Mobile Camera Broadcast

BROADCAST SYSTEM WMT-HD Mobile Digital Receiver

Product Overview (Receive)

BROADCAST SYSTEM WMT-HD Mobile Wireless Camera is a Professional Mobile Digital receiver to convert the input tuner signals to crystal clear Digital or Analog Video in various formats available at HD/SD SDI Composite, Component YPbPr & HDMI

It is designed to support the industry standard 576i/480i, 576p/480p, 720p and 1080i decoding.

It is also equipped with 1 ASI input, 2 ASI output ports and a data port for both input and output to make it possible to process more programs.

Additionally, the implemented web server allows the configuration of the BROADCAST SYSTEM WMT-HD with a standard web browser. Basic configuration can also be done locally with the LCD display and navigation buttons. The LCD monitor can, at the same time, realize the real-time observation about broadcasting status.

Key Features:

  Convenient and efficient network transmission dual LNB input

  Real-time LED monitor for decoded program

  Multi Audio/Video format output: 1*HDMI, 2*CVBS, 1*YPbPr, 1*HD-SDI

  Multiple video resolution: 576i/480i, 576p/480p, 720p and 1080i decoding

  Support ASI input and output, IP input and output

  Support Keyboard and LCD operation

  Web NMS management via Ethernet port



Input Parameters

Tuner in

Signal source

2*LNB, N-L16 (negative)

Receiving frequency



2MHz, 4MHz, 6MHz, 8MHz

Input impedance


Receiving restriction


Demodulation mode


Transport Stream in

ASI input

1*ASI, BNC (negative)

IP input

UDP Unicast/Multicast (100M, RJ45)

Output Parameters

Stream out

Video output port

1*HDMI, 2*CVBS, 1*YPbPr, 1*HD-SDI

Audio output

L/R channel (unbalanced); XLR (balanced)

ASI output

2*ASI, BNC (negative)

IP output

UDP/ Unicast/Multicast (100M, RJ45)



1080i@25, 29.94fps, 720p @ 50 59.94fps, 576i@25 fps, 480i@29.94 fps


576i@25 fps, 480i@29.94fps


1080i@ 25, 29.94fps,720p@50, 59.94fps


1080i@25, 29.94fps,720p@50, 59.94fps, 576i@25 fps, 480i@29.94 fps

Data Formatting

MPEG-2, H.264





Web NMS via Ethernet; LCD & Key board


External USB driver



Working voltage

DC 10V~16V; AC 90V~250V

Feed voltage

DC 10V~16V

Power dissipation



19″1U, 483×400×44(mm)



Product Overview (Transmit)

The Wireless Digital Full HD (High Definition)  Transmission System (which comprises the Wireless Transmitter and Receiver) adopts the advanced COFDM modulation technology and the channel codes and combines with digital image compression MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 multimedia network transmission technology. In addition to high-speed movement and non-line of sight, it can achieve the real time and synchronous transmission of broadband multimedia services such as Video, Audio, data and etc. The system has features of flexible structure, wide coverage, good mobility, strong ability to combat interference and fading.

It is an ideal solution for providing long distance, high quality and high efficiency of wireless real-time transmission applied in emergency telecommunications such as commanding, emergency rescues, and multiple fields like investigation, field battle, public security, armed police, fire control, oil field, mines, water project, electricity, and so on..

Key Features:

It can perform unfixed spot positioning transmitting of ultra remote distance (≤50KM sight distance), thus the news and large scale public-service activities programs real time transmitting is achieved.

lIt can transmit close-distance, continuous, and moving (non-vision distance) real-time AV signal.

 It can save audio and video.

 It has convenient and efficient network transmission.

The emission system can simultaneously send one video, two audio.

 It adopts international leading technology to assure image quality in the transmission process.

 The emission system is stable and reliable, users can handle it easily and simple.

 It can cooperate with satellite image car as a repeater.

 It adopts COFDM modulation mode, besides it has strong multipath interference rejection ability, so it can realize 180km/h within the high-speed mobile transmission in signal coverage area 

 The transmission process of mobile image is stable, fluent and reliable, and the definition of transmission image can reach 720*576 25 frames/s, 1920*1080i 25 frames/s, 1920*1080i 30 frames/s, 1280*720p 50 frames/s, and 1280*720p 60 frames/s

 The transmitting distance can reach 1-3 kilometers.


RF parameters


Transmitting power

≥1W ( port number power)

Transmitting frequency

300MHz~800MHz,2200MHz-2500MHz (6 reserved frequency for choosing)


2MHz, 6MHz, 7MHz, 8 MHz

Out-band suppression


Output impedance


Inter-band ratio


Output port

N-L16 ( negative)

Digital modulation parameters


Modulation mode


Correcting mode






AV input encoding parameters



CVBS combined video signal;

YPbPr HD component signal;

SD/HD SDI signal

Video input port

BNC ( negative)


left/right channel, non-balanced analog, stereo

Audio input port

BNC ( negative)

Image definition

720*576; 1920*1080i; 1280*720p

AV data formatting






Working voltage

DC10V~16V(camera exclusive battery)

Environmental condition

storage temperature  -40℃~+70℃ 

work temperature: -20℃~+50℃

relative temperature 85%( noncondensing)

Power dissipation

About 13W ( without SDI port)

About 15W (with SDI port)




1.8Kg(total aluminum milled parts)



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Wireless Mobile Camera Broadcast

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