Sony DCR-SD1000E

The Sony HVR-HD1000P is a PAL HDV camcorder specifically designed for videographers looking for an affordable shoulder-mounted camera. Ideal for event work and wedding videography, the camera is equipped with a ClearVid CMOS sensor, capable of recording 1080i high definition footage on a standard MiniDV tape! Additionally, the HVR-HD1000P comes fitted with a 10x Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens with Super SteadyShotTM image stabilization, ensuring operators get the perfect shot every time. These features make the HVR-HD1000P a welcome addition to the already proven line of Sony professional HDV products.



Professional Shoulder-Mounted Design


To meet the widening demand of event videography such as weddings and concerts, the HVR-HD1000P comes in a shoulder-mounted design, without carrying the large price tag of traditional ENG cameras. The utilitarian benefit of this style camcorder is matched by its professional appearance on the job.



Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization


The HVR-HD1000P comes fitted with a highly sophisticated optical stabilization system, making sure users get glass smooth shots even in less-than-ideal situations.



High Definition on MiniDV Tapes with HDV


The HDV format used in the HVR-HD1000P allows high definition recording on standard MiniDV tapes. This is accomplished by using the very popular MPEG-2 compression technique used in many applications, including DVDs and satellite television.



ClearVID CMOS Technology


Sony's ClearVID sensor is positioned at a 45° angle. Since each pixel is positioned at this angle the result is far clearer diagonal lines. Images will appear crisper without the apparent "jaggies" that often plague video signals.





Signal System                                     HDV: 1080/50i


                                                            DV: 576/50i (PAL)


Image Device                                      1/2.9" CMOS ClearVid Sensor


Lens                                                    Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Zoom Lens, 10x (Optical)


Signal-to-Noise Ratio                         Not Specified by Manufacturer


Horizontal Resolution                         1080 Lines


Sensitivity                                           Not Specified by Manufacturer


Minimum Illumination                         5 lux


Vertical Smear                                    Not Applicable


Built-in Filters                                     Not Specified By Manufacturer


LCD Monitor                                      Clear Photo LCD Plus, 2.7", 16:9 Aspect Ratio


Viewfinder                                          132,000 Pixels, 16:9 Aspect Ratio


Scan Matching                                    Yes


Memory Card Slot                              No


Shutter Speed Range                          Not Specified By Manufacturer


Gain Selection                                     No






Tape Format                                        HDV Record and Play


                                                            DV Record and Play


Tape Speed                                         HDV: 18.8 mm/s


                                                            DV SP Mode: 18.8 mm/s


Signal-to-Noise Ratio                                     Not Specified by Manufacturer


Maximum Recording Time                 HDV: 63 min (with PHDVM-63DM Cassette)


                                                            DV: 63 min (with PHDVM-63DM Cassette)





Audio Dynamic Range                       Not Specified by Manufacturer


Audio Signal Format                          HDV


                                                            MPEG1 Audio Layer II




                                                            16-bit/48kHz 2 Channel Mode


                                                            12-bit/32kHz 4 Channel Mode


Audio Frequency Response                20Hz to 20 kHz


Signal to Noise Ratio                          Not Specified by Manufacturer





Input and Output Connectors                         Component Video: RCAx3 (x1 Output)


                                                            Composite Video: RCAx1 (x1 Output)


                                                            S-Video: 4-Pin mini-DIN (x1 Output)


                                                            HDMI (x1)


                                                            HDV/DV Input/Output: i.LINK interface (IEEE 1394, 4-Pin Connector)


                                                            Audio L/R Output: RCAx2


                                                            Audio Input: Stereo Mini-Jack


                                                            Headphone: Stereo Mini-Jack


                                                            LANC: Stereo Mini-Jack


                                                            USB: Type-B Connector


Power Requirements                           AC Adapter: 8.4 VAC


                                                            Battery: 6.8 VAC


Power Consumption                           HDV: 4.4W


                                                            DV: 4.2W


Operating Temperature                       32-104°F (0-40°C)

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